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Victor Hernandez Senior editor

Have you ever felt tired, depressed and sad with no apparent reason? On the other hand, surely you have felt the opposite: a high energy level, optimism and joy, again without any apparent cause. These fluctuations in your mood and in your energy level can be due to different biological rhythms, also called biorhythms.
This program lets you calculate your biorhythm at any date, past, present or future. Thus, you can see the reason why you felt unconfident and nervous at a particular day. Also, you can see what day and hour can be more favorable to make business, to have a vacation or to ask your boss for a raise.

The program is very easy to use. First, you need to enter some basic data about yourself, like your name, birth date, and sex. Once you have done that, an histogram will appear, showing your today's energy levels, as well as those in the previous and in the next two weeks. The primary levels shown are physical, emotional and intellectual. Also, you can see your secondary levels (intuitive, aesthetic, awareness and spiritual). You can click on any date to see those levels expressed in percentages. An interesting feature is the possibility of entering the data of several other persons, like your spouse and children, and see their biorhythms compared with yours. The program also allows you to see the biorhythms of many celebrities.

The shareware version shows a "nag screen" that is displayed for several seconds before the program is turned off. Besides getting rid of it, the registered version entitles you to receiving free lifetime updates and technical support, among other benefits.


  • Useful.
  • Easy to use.


  • Its cost can be an issue.
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Biorhythm calculator. A simple and approved way to make right plans and be confident in the future. Biorhythms will help you become successful in everything you do.

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    siddharth 7 years ago


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    siddharth 7 years ago

    Natural Biorhythms is an interesting program which gives forecast through Biorhytm (charts). One can check and analyse day by day graph to take necessary action on appropriate day. Use it for fun but do believe in your own effort to make your environment place a happy one to live in.


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